Is Apple Greener Than You Think?

by Paul Davies, May 20, 2015

You may think that with Greenpeace focusing on saving the whales and fighting for global justice, they don’t have time to look at the environmental impact of the top technological companies across the world. But you couldn’t be more wrong. And what’s more, their new research says that one of … Continue reading

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Could New Babel Fish Technology Take Away The Final Barrier to Privacy?

by Paul Davies, May 13, 2015

News this week of Skype’s translator program becoming accessible to the general public has sparked the imagination of many people around the world. Is this the start of the Babel Fish of Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy fame becoming a reality? Does this break down in international speech barriers mean … Continue reading

Is The End Nigh for Windows 8 Users?

by Paul Davies, May 6, 2015

Looking at the monthly operating system usage figures this morning, one thing became blatantly clear. Those that have made the commitment and moved to Windows 8 may be on to a very sticky wicket. Though the tablet based operating system was always going to have a hard job to take … Continue reading

Google Alert Helps Reinforce Your Security Online

by Paul Davies, May 1, 2015

If you are one of the millions of online users that choose to use the same password every online account, you may have to think again. As this week Google introduces yet another alert. This time to stop you reusing the same old security details. Even if you think you … Continue reading

VPN Use on the Rise Amongst Savvy Travellers

by Paul Davies, April 22, 2015

A recent study by Smarter Travel suggests that more and more savvy travelers are using VPNs to secure the best prices for plane tickets. Due to differences in regional pricing, a ticket for the same flight, in the same travel class, at the same time, on the same day can … Continue reading

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